May 13, 2016


As a girlie girl, I love beauty products.  They can help you unwind after a stressful day, make you feel fabulous for a special event, or cover up those dark circles from lack of sleep.  (I can definitely relate to that last one with a new baby!)  My beauty counter
used to be filled with half-empty bottles and barely-touched makeup palettes.  Most were failed purchases of what seemed like things I "had" to have.  I'd toss it aside never bothering to return it or wanting to throw it out because I spent so much money on it.

Nowadays, I only keep a select few tried-and-true items that work well for my skin and my everyday routine.  My go-to staples are neatly organized and I know exactly where to find them.  Gone are the stressful days of digging through my drawers and purse, frantically looking for that one thing to finish up before rushing out the door.

Decluttering can be overwhelming, but it can also be refreshing.  I'd like to share with you the steps I took to overhaul my skincare and makeup stash.  The goal is to get rid of the unnecessary so you can actually enjoy the things you want.  I didn't completely declutter all at once.  Rather, it took me several attempts running through the same process until I was happy with what I have now.  Whether you are looking to organize or minimize your collection, I hope you find this guide helpful.

Start off by knowing what you have.  Pull everything out of your drawers, vanity, purse and wherever else you might be storing your products and place in one big pile.  You can easily see what you own once it's out in the open.

2  ::  TOSS.  KEEP.  DONATE.
Toss any expired, empty or broken items.  Unfortunately, most makeup and skincare don't have an expiration date.  If it smells funny or hasn't been properly sealed for a long time, it's time to let it go.

Keep the things you're going to use, whether it be items you currently love or want to try.  Does this fit into your current beauty routine?  Does this work for your skin/ hair type or skin tone?  Be realistic about things you might use "some day," and have a plan for if and when you'll actually use it.   

Consider donating new or gently used products to a friend or your local charity.  This may be an item you have multiples of, but won't be able to get around using it before it expires.

Now that the tough part is over, you can focus on loving your products again.  Wipe any gunk off the packaging, rinse your makeup brushes, and clean your storage/ display area.

Let your creativity flow by how you want to display your products.  You can repurpose a pretty box, a glass candle holder, an old jar or a serving tray.  I like using a small planter pot with a wider opening for my makeup brushes.  Muji makes an amazing acrylic display case that a lot of makeup artists use.  Since it's clear, everything is always in plain view and escape your eye when you're looking for it.

Muji Acrylic Case :: Small Ceramic Vase (similar one here)

With skincare, organize by the order of how you use them during your beauty routine.  For example, place your cleanser first, then toner, serum, moisturizer, and sunblock.  Makeup should be grouped into categories: face (foundation, concealer), eyes (primer, shadow, liner, mascara), lips and cheeks.

If you want to further minimize your collection, a single product can sometimes serve double duty.  Some of my current favorites are RMS Beauty's Un Coverup (a foundation and concealer all-in-one which I hear supermodel Gisele uses frequently), Lip2Cheek (as a lip stain and blush) and their bestseller Living Luminizer (an eye shadow and highlighter for my cheekbones).

RMS Beauty Un Coverup  ::  RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek  ::  RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

4  ::  MAKE A LIST
Before you start shopping, make an inventory list of what you currently have in each category.  Begin to evaluate whether you will be replacing it with the same product, or you have something you have in mind that you'd like to try instead.  This will help you keep better track of using up what you have and eliminate unintentional purchases.

You're set and ready to shop!  Try to avoid the temptation buying items that are not on your list. However sometimes while you're at the store, you find something even better suited than what you wrote down.  That's ok.  Take a moment to analyze if it's the packaging or scent that got you excited, or if it's the ingredients or formula.  It should truly serve the functional purpose you're looking for in the product itself.

I'd love to hear your feedback whether you found this helpful.  Good luck!  

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