December 2, 2016


If there's one wrapping paper I could recommend, it would be
brown kraft paper.  This plain, yet versatile paper is like a blue jean or a little black dress to an outfit.  There's nothing fancy about it on its own.  Yet it goes with every color, print, ribbon, trim or accessory.  Once it is customized, the look is magically transformed.  The possibilities are endless, and it's perfect for any holiday, birthday, or celebratory gift.

I prefer buying it in bulk here to minimize throwing out multiple empty wrapping paper cardboard rolls.  It comes in a jumbo roll that runs 100 feet long for about $20 which will probably last me half a lifetime.  I bought a roll last year to wrap presents and, used it as packing material for my dishware when we moved last year.  I've barely made a dent.  Talk about a money saver!


1.  Decorate the Kraft Paper:  Use a metallic pen, markers, stamps or paint to draw your desired pattern.  Or, glue cutouts from old magazine or newspapers.  On a time crunch? Keeping it plain is just as beautiful.

2.  Pick a Ribbon:  I save leftover ribbon from gifts that we've received & cut off any frayed ends.  Before wrapping, I smooth out any wrinkles in the run of the ribbon.  If I do purchase ribbon, twine, or string, I try to find materials that are biodegradable.  You can also try making your own garland by sewing a string of fun cutouts, as shown below.

3.  Add Accessories (Optional):  Top off with a cut flower, greenery, toy, ornament or gift tag for even more flair.

Black & white ribbon with greenery

Use a gold paint pen to label gift recipients

Add paint splatter from leftover paint or a white out correction pen

Cut out fun images from magazines, old books, kids' artwork 
or create your own shapes & layer onto the kraft paper

Stamp different shapes, patterns & colors

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