April 18, 2017


Double duty furniture is like a superhero.  They have maximum versatility and can be used for multiple functions.  By day, it could be a sofa; by night, a bed.

Whether you have a small studio and don't have the space, or want to live more simply, there are a number of advantages to double duty furniture.
  • Less clutter
  • No need to spend money on additional pieces of furniture
  • Easier to rearrange if you move it to a different location.  Clunky furniture is harder to style and can be limiting due to its size restrictions.
Here are a few ideas on how to implement this in your home.

The next time you decide to buy a new piece of furniture, I encourage you to try shopping in your own home for an existing piece and see if you can use it for a different purpose.  I'd love to hear what great ideas you have!


Our Current Family Room - West Elm Tillary Sofa/ Bed :: Coffee Table/ Bench Seating/ Hidden Storage (similar)

Back when we lived in a one-bedroom condo, we had friends that would occasionally stay the night.  We remove the back pillows of the sofa and put the sofa bases together lengthwise.  It instantly became a queen sized bed.

Unlike a traditional sleeper sofa, the West Elm Tillary does not have a pull out metal frame and mattress.  This allowed for maximum flexibility in changing the sofa layout when we moved.  

Image credit :: West Elm

West Elm's Tillary sofa is customizable, which has worked well for our small one-bedroom condo & our large home where we doubled in square footage. 

First, you select the base of the sofa (where you sit).  One base is great for a small apartment or studio.  That can double as a  twin bed for an impromptu guest.  You can put the base side by side to make it longer or wider.  

Then, you can customize your sofa by choosing the types of back cushions and corner pieces.   

Image Credit :: West Elm

Image Credit :: West Elm


TV Armoire / Dresser (similar)

This unassuming armoire is a multifunctional workhouse.  The simple detail of the front sliding doors give off a clutter-free illusion. 

Once the doors are tucked away, the large open area is great for a TV, stacks of clothes or in this case bottles of liquor. 

When we lived in our one-bedroom condo, organized storage was hard to come by.  This housed our TV, gaming & DVR console in the open area and some socks, underwear and workout clothes in the drawers. 

When we moved, we were able to build a wardrobe set in our walk-in closet.  I found a new purpose for this cabinet in our dining room.  We love to entertain.  Tucked away in the drawers are napkins, plastic cutlery, paper plates, catering platters and of course, liquor.  All of these items are within arms' reach during a dinner party without having to go to the kitchen or garage. 

As they say, "it's what's inside that really matters."


Jace loves playtime in his room.  For those long nursing sessions, I feed him while sitting on the gliding chair and I prop my legs up on this Paul Frank storage ottoman that I found on Wayfair.  If my husband hangs out with us, he uses the ottoman as his little seat.

Try an unexpected color or a fun print to break up a palette full of neutrals (similar one here).

We stored Jace's diapers in here, but it was a bust.  Jace found them and now his favorite game is "Let's Take Everything Out & Then Put It Back."  He's quite the organizer.

Besides the disposable diapers hidden in the ottoman, we also store his cloth diapers in the collapsible cloth pull out bins on the shelf.  There is always an endless supply of diapers.  


When my husband Kacey and I were putting Jace's room together, we were surprised to find out how quickly babies outgrow sleeping in the crib.  All they want to do is crawl out of their confined sleeping area, or are too tall and need a large sized bed.

It seemed like a waste of money (and resources) for something so short-lived.  There had to be a solution for extending the useful life of a crib.

Enter: the convertible crib that grows with your child.  There are a few brands that carry this idea.
We opted for the DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib.  It goes from:
  • Baby crib for infants who require a guard rail on all 4 sides of the crib. 
  • Toddler bed for toddlers who are becoming more independent.  The front guard rail is swapped out with a half rail.  Your little one can crawl in and out of bed, but the half rail helps him from rolling off the bed.
  • Day bed for bigger kids who are fully independent climbing in and out of bed.
  • Full size bed frame for teenagers/ guest bed. 
Instead of only being able to use a crib for several years, the full-size bed frame can be used for over a decade.


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