April 6, 2017


Snip, snip.  There goes 11 inches of hair!
Having short hair is not new to me.  I like to change up my hairstyle once every couple of years.  The last time I cut my hair was in 2011.  I was visiting some friends in LA for the weekend and decided to cut 10" off on a whim.  I had just started dating my now husband, and was afraid he wouldn't like it.  It turned out he preferred me with short hair.  The hair was donated to Locks of Love, a charity organization that I have been passionate about in the past.  I've grown out my hair since then, and he's been begging me to cut my hair short again.  This time around, I plan to donate my hair again.

On the way to my hair appointment.

                                  Here we go...
Getting nervous.

Armed with a million Pinterest haircut inspirations, I made sure that my hair stylist Cheryl at Onyx Salon gave me a cut that was refreshing & low maintenance.  I have a toddler, and rarely have time to blow dry my hair.  She was able to work her magic.

Ta-dah!  New haircut.

While I have donated to Locks of Love three times in the last 20 years, I will no longer be supporting them.  In 2013, Locks of Love became under investigation allegedly missing to account for up to $6 million per year of hair donations.  It takes them 17 times as many hair donations to make each hairpiece compared to other charities like Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

As an alternative, I have chosen to donate my freshly-cut hair to Children With Hair Loss.  I wanted to make sure my hair had a greater chance of not going to waste.  Other charities to consider donating your hair are Pantene Beautiful Lengths, Wigs For Hair, and Wigs 4 Hair.  No matter which organization you choose, your generosity can help someone who is impacted by medical afflictions & as a result are challenged with growing their own hair.

Children With Hair Loss is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides human hair replacements at zero cost to children & young adults facing medically-related hair loss.  When a child's hair is lost due to cancer treatments, alopecia, burns, and other rare diseases/ disorders, the painful effects are far deeper than just cosmetic.  A customized human hair replacement system & care kit can cost up to $5,000 per child.  With the help of hair & monetary donations, children who apply to this charity organization are able to receive this system for free.  In 2016, Children With Hair Loss were successfully able to give human hair replacements and care kits to 528 children throughout the U.S.

If you are interested in donating your hair, there are several requirements that you & your hair stylist should consider before cutting.  Donors are given a certificate in appreciation for their kindness.


  • Hair should be at least 8 inches in length.  Longer is preferred.
  • Hair must be clean & dry, pony-tailed &/or braided.  This keeps the hair in one direction.
  • Place rubber band or pony tail holder on each end.
  • Non-chemically treated hair is preferred.  However, any hair in good condition will be accepted.
  • Grey hair is accepted.
  • Hair should be stored in a clear, sealed plastic bag.
  • Print, fill out & include hair donation form.

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