April 14, 2017



I love a versatile bag that I can carry for work and the weekend.  Some girls love to switch bags to match their outfits, but I'm not one of them (anymore).  A few years ago, I had a collection of about 10-15 bags that would clutter my closet collecting dust.  I've realized that my taste has changed and I am far too lazy to rotate them out.  I decided to let go of the ones I didn't love - some I was able to sell and others I donated.  I've downsized to only three bags & each one gets used more often.

Rebecca Minkoff is one of my all-time favorite designers.
She's a chic mom of two who started out by creating edgy bags coveted by fashion it girls, and has expanded her line to clothing & other accessories.  

Rebecca Minkoff Bowery Satchel (sold out; available in soft blush, almond black)

Over the years, I've found myself buying my replacement bag from her line over and over again.  No matter which bag I choose, the same one comes with me to corporate meetings & date nights.  Sometimes, it even doubles as my son's diaper bag.  Rebecca Minkoff's modern designs are not only fashionable, but functional.  All of her bags come with a detachable crossbody strap for those hands-free moments where you have your kid in one arm and a bag of groceries in the other.  She always does a fun liner in an unexpected color or pattern.  The choice of materials used, construction quality, and the mid price point make it a worthwhile splurge.      

The brand's bestsellers have been compared to higher-priced luxury lookalikes including the Love Quilted Crossbody (vs. Chanel's Boy Bag), the Regan Satchel (vs. Balenciaga's City Bag), and Mini Mac Crossbody (vs. Coach's Journal).  However, I think Rebecca Minkoff has a unique sense of style that's all to her own.

Two of the three bags I own now are made by Rebecca Minkoff.  This white, perforated satchel is my current everyday bag.  I tend to haul my entire life around with me.   Besides holding the basics, it'll even fit the occasional iPad, a sippy cup, snacks, and diapers for my son Jace.

Don't you hate it when bags are too big; where everything gets lost in a black hole and you end of dumping it all out just to find the keys?  The Bowery here is the perfect size and shape.  It has a wide opening and is shallow enough where I can see the everything.  The only problem with having a white leather bag is my blue jeans stained the back of the bag from rubbing against it too often.  In hindsight, I probably should've added a leather stain protectant when I purchased the bag.  Other than that, it's weathered sticky toddler hands, juice spills & me flinging my purse on the floor after a long day of work.  I bought this off Gilt last year at 30% off, and saved another 4% by using Ebates.

To see how I incorporate this into my capsule wardrobe looks, see my post here where I share 18 looks with one little red dress.

The perforated white leather Bowery was a limited edition and is no longer available.  However, it is available in these neutral colors.


Rebecca Minkoff Bowery Satchel (sold out; available in soft blush, almond & black)

I've had this wallet since 2011, but it still looks new.  Although it is pricey, this is a good example of "you get what you pay for."  Quality is key to creating a longer lasting product.

Prada Wallet :: Prada Card Holder

Prada has a compact card holder version with just an open slot but I much prefer this one.  The wide pocket allows me to cram in more business cards, gift cards & receipts without having to neatly insert them in.

Vintage Ted Lapidus Sunglasses (similar)

My husband Kacey's chic grandma left these at our house party one time & said that I could keep them.  These make me feel like Gigi Hadid.  So effortlessly chic.  

I keep my house & car keys on one keychain, and my work keys on another.  I try to store the work set in my car so I have less things to lug around.

One for work; one of personal.  I can't live without them.

My friends can tell you that I am OCD and have trackers for everything.  I'm obsessed with making lists & checking them off.  Sometimes, using Google docs on my cell phone is just not enough.  

These Pentel RSVP pens are by far my favorite since high school, but I'm thinking of switching to a refillable pen for environmental reasons.  Can anyone recommend a brand that you like?

I sit in an open cube area at my office & sound travels.  These are perfect for dampening the noise level while impromptu meetings are happening nearby.  Lately, I've been catching up on podcasts like Nom Nom Paleo & Chris Loves Julia.

My little Jace always loves going barefoot.  He takes after his mama for sure!  I find random socks in my car & stuff them in my bag.  My mommy brain don't always remember to take them out afterwards.

This little beat up glass pot used to be my RMS Uncoverup concealer, which I refilled with Waxelene.  Waxelene is a safer alternative to petroleum-based Vaseline, made from natural, pesticide-free beeswax and natural & organic oils.  The uses for this magical balm are endless: chapped lips, dry skin, diaper rash, minor cuts & scrapes, eczema, treating leather, etc.  The texture is soft and creamy, and does not feel greasy.  Be sure to check out my product review on this coming soon.  

Having a collapsible shopping bag tucked into your purse is essential in my book.  In lieu of accepting plastic bags at the store, I use this to hold my purchases instead.  It's been with me for over 10 years, and has helped me to save 500+ plastic bags from entering into the landfill.

Photo Credit  ::  @thiswildheart_ 


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