April 27, 2017


Your mom is always there for you:  giving you sage advice, making your favorite soup when you're sick, doing your taxes at the 11th hour before it's due.  It's time to give her a little something back to show your appreciation.

But shopping for mom is not always easy, especially for the woman who has "everything."  Here are 15 zero waste Mother's Day (it's in two weeks on Sun, 5/14) gift ideas that are all about gifting her an experience, rather than a physical gift.  Create memories that she will cherish for a long time.

Favorite child status?  Secured.

  1. Concert, Broadway Show or Theater Performance
  2. Museum
  3. Spa Day
  4. Wine Tasting
  5. A Local Garden Tour 
  6. Play Tourist In Your Own City
  7. Fitness Class
  8. Gym Membership
  9. Cooking Class
  10. Audiobook
  11. Flower Arrangement from your Garden
  12. Potted Herb Plant
  13. A Mini Getaway
  14. Maid Service
  15. A home-cooked meal

What are you planning on getting Mom this year?

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