August 28, 2017


Luckily for me, living in Northern California where the seasons don't change too much makes it easy for me to transition my wardrobe from spring/summer to fall/winter.

I prefer to keep a minimal wardrobe of about 50 pieces, not counting lingerie, swimwear, workout gear, and snow gear.  Everything goes well together, and I can get dressed effortlessly within 5 minutes or less.  Having a tightly edited closet might seem challenging, but I find that it helps me function better because there is no visual clutter.   I also feel more creative when I'm working with limited options.


Here's an inspirational post on how I created 18 looks with 1 dress.

Depending on the weather, I change up my accessories accordingly.  Unlike a capsule wardrobe where items don't fit within the season are stored away, I like to keep everything displayed in the same place all year long.  This helps me understand what I have and it'll be less likely for me to buy a similar, unnecessary items.

To keep my year-round wardrobe versatile for climate changes, I have a few rules that I follow.

:: Typical Spring Outfit ::  
Straw Fedora (similar), Black Tee with Beaded Neckline, White Zara Jeans (similar), Reversible Hermes Belt, Espadrilles


Over time, I've realized there are certain proportions of clothing that work best for my body type, and materials that work for my lifestyle.  By developing a signature look or uniform, shopping and getting dressed just got easier.  Into Mind's has a complete guide on how to refining your style.

My year-round basic staples are either a tank top/ blouse + jeans/ fitted skirt, or a dress.  From there, I add on jackets and accessories to change up my look.  The reason why I chose this look is because I needed my wardrobe to be office-, weekend-, and kid-friendly.

:: Typical Summer Outfit ::White Blazer, Black Halter Bodysuit (similar), Denim Shorts (similar),
Sam Edelman Leopard Stilettos


Make a shopping list for items that are missing from your closet.  For instance, I recently discovered that I have a number of bottoms and need more tops.  Before putting "tops" on my shopping list, I questioned specific details about sleeve length, color, fit, material and even the brand.

The more specific you are with your list, the less likely you'll end up with less-than-loved pieces which end up shoved in the back of your closet.  Many times, especially when there's a sale, we get distracted by all the pretty things on the sale rack.  Having a list keeps me focused and waste less money.

:: Typical Fall (Work) Outfit ::
Rebecca Taylor Tweed Dress, vintage Chanel Boy Bag, Black Stilettos (similar or similar)


Depending on the season, I build a basic outfit (i.e. t-shirt & jeans, or all-season dress) with the following accessories.  This is a loosely based rule.  The California weather allows me get away with boots in the summer and a tank top in the winter.    
    • Spring/ Summer: Sandals, sunglasses, light jacket
    • Fall/ Winter: Scarf or Beanie, tights, jacket, boots 
How do you transition your closet between seasons?

Read my step-by-step guide on how to build a capsule or minimalist wardrobe. 

:: Typical Winter Outfit ::
Cashmere Beanie (similar), White Blouse (similar), Joie Leopard Cardigan (different color),
JBrand Jeans (similar), Suede Booties, White Purse (similar)

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