October 31, 2017


A few years ago, my husband and I were hosting a Halloween party and I didn't have a costume ready until the day of.  In last-minute desperation,
I splurged $40 on a cheap polyester geisha costume which included a itchy, polyester kimono robe.  I decided to layer a tank top and yoga shorts underneath as a barrier between my skin and the robe.  Thank goodness I did!  Halfway through the night, the seam of the kimono split open right at the butt!  I knew the costume was cheap but man, it didn't even last a whole night.  Needless to say, I couldn't even save it for a friend or donate it for someone else to enjoy in future Halloweens.  Into the dumpster it went.  It was the worst $40 spent.

This year, I decided it'd be fun to get creative with my Halloween costume by using only items I had lying around at home.  This "Day of the Day" or "Dia de los Muertos" costume is super simple.

Traditionally, red roses are used to either crown the entire head or tucked behind one ear.  I didn't have any roses.  Instead I used five red artificial succulents from a floral arrangement I had.  Using some floral wire, I wrapped it around each stem and weaved in between the petals of each flower.  I then measured my head's circumference and used the floral wire to form the crown so it would sit on top of the head nicely.  I repeated this step twice more to give it a sturdier crown structure.

My everyday makeup routine is rather simple.  I've managed to whittle down my makeup products down to 4 basics:  bronzer, eye linerconcealer and lip gloss.  I was able to create this look using the first three products.

  • Using the bronzer, I contoured my cheekbones and eye sockets to give them more structure.  
  • Then, I added concealer under my eyes and extended it across my cheeks to create a more chiseled look.  This next step is important:  Dab a bit of concealer across your lips to give you an instant no-sleep, sickly effect.
  • For the final touches, I went to town with my liquid eye liner.  I lined my eyes like I normally would, added a black thumb-sized spot on my nose, and then drew "exposed teeth" across my mouth.
  • If you want to create a more pale, ghostly version, I would suggest powdering the entire face with flour or cornstarch as your first step.  Also if you want to contour but don't have bronzer, you can use cocoa powder or cinnamon to create a similar look.

I picked out a simple black and white outfit that I'd typically wear.  I'm not taking any chances on another split seam while trick or treating this year!

What are you going to be for Halloween?  Do you have a costume yet? 

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