November 29, 2017


The minimalism movement has grown in the last few years, as Marie Kondo and the likes have sparked an international trend to only keep what you really love.  I'm a firm believer of decluttering and being mindful of the things we bring into the house. 

Our living room, shown above, is currently pretty bare with no sofa, coffee table or other "essential" decor.  We have a family room that's open to the kitchen, and that's where our family and guests spend the majority of our time.  While I've been dreaming about styling this area since we've moved in, I am holding off because I wanted to focus on completing other areas of our home.

I've actually grown to love the fact that there's no additional furniture I need to clean, minus occasionally vacuuming the area rug that I inherited from my parents.

Here's an interesting article that Apartment Therapy posted recently about minimalists.  Did you know there are 6 different types?

I feel like I'm a little bit of all of them.  I've definitely made most of the listed "signature moves."  Most recently, my husband and I got rid of 3 sets of dishes for one all-matching set.  While the old sets were still great, we find beauty when everything is uniform.

Are you a minimalist yourself?  Which type are you?

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