November 9, 2017


A lot has happened since my last post.  Admittedly, I had not been feeling motivated to write about anything at all until now.  Perhaps it's because I tend to become introspective around my birthday (yay Libras!), and become a bit of antisocial.

And maybe, it's because I've been struggling to wrap my brain around the myriad of sudden changes in my life lately.

New beginnings at work, an unexpected death in the family, and news of the Napa/ Sonoma fire that scorched 200,000 acres, killed 40+ people, and displaced 100,000 people (located an hour from our home; some people who I personally know) has become overwhelming to comprehend.  It hit a little too close to home.

Life is full of twists and turns, where one minute you feel like you're on top of the world and the next minute is turned 180 degrees.  I guess this is what adulting is all about.

In order to be make sense of the recent incidents, I've found that reflecting on positive thoughts has allowed me to move forward.  I have a supportive family who's happy and healthy, a child who's amazing to watch grow into a little gentleman, and I recently was able to take my career to the next level.  There isn't anything more that I could ask for.  Although not everything runs smoothly nor do I get everything that I want, focusing on what's really matters is how I find the good in life.

So, I challenge you the rest of this week to do the same:  Find Gratitude.

This challenge couldn't have come at a better time as we're approaching Thanksgiving.

Here are 15 questions to help you reflect while finding gratitude.

  1. What's one kind or thoughtful thing someone did for you recently?
  2. Who is always there for you, and how do you feel about them?
  3. Who has helped you become the person you are today, and what's the top thing you'd thank them for?
  4. Who's someone who always really listens when you talk, and how does that affect you?
  5. How have your spiritual beliefs or practices fulfilled you recently?
  6. What's the best thing that happened today so far?
  7. Can you think of any non-physical gifts you've received recently - someone's time, attention, understanding or support?
  8. What have you learned recently that will help you in the future?
  9. What made you laugh or smile today?
  10. Have you experienced any blessings in disguise lately -- things that didn't turn out as you hoped and yet turned out for the best?
  11. What's the best thing about your home, and have you taken time to enjoy it recently?
  12. What's something you're looking forward to in the future?
  13. What's something you witnessed recently that reminded you that people are good?
  14. What's the most beautiful thing you saw today?
  15. What's the kindest, unexpected thing that you have done for someone, and it made their day?

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