January 1, 2018


I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend after the holiday craze.  I wanted to quickly share a DIY inspiration that I spotted at my new hair salon.  I enjoy mixing clean, modern furniture with rustic accessories that have a natural element to them.  Beachy resort vibes?  Yes please.

Always looking for a new DIY project, this floral art piece stopped me at my tracks. 
It seems simple yet there are several layered components.

  • The 1/2" thick canvas is painted in a dark background to allow the branch piece to stand out in the foreground.  Looking closely, there are colored "shadows" that use the same colors as the flowers on the branch.  The brighter colors add visual depth.  To create a thick texture to the actual paint, I recommend using an acrylic gel medium like this one.  This can be found in the paint section at any arts & crafts store like Michaels or Target.  It's a texture base that is mixed in with whatever paint color you choose.  Just dab a little gel medium in with your paint color, blend, and then paint onto your canvas.  In my experience, I like to work with a 1:1 ratio.  
  • The branch is secured to the canvas using thicker gage floral wire in several places.  The artist also stapled several artificial orchid leaves to the canvas for added dimension.
  • The final touches are the artificial flowers and Spanish moss.  This completes the "floral arrangement" on the canvas.  For a succulent display, I recommend the green echeveria, lotus flower, or the purple aeonium, all available at my Etsy shop Flowers Fauxever.

Would you ever make this?  Also, are you interested in reading more about DIY inspirations?  Leave a comment below.


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