January 1, 2018


Happy 2018!  There's nothing like starting off the new year with a new perspective.  That means creating a cleaner, more organized and peaceful home.

Speaking of new perspectives,
here is a progress photo of our family room with new paint, new pillows and swapping out our rug from the master bedroom with this Persian silk rug gifted by my in-laws.  The artwork isn't up yet but I'll do a full room reveal in the next few weeks.  For "before" photos, see my post here.

While we may all want to build (and maintain) a clutter-free home, we intuitively try to tackle the everything at once and get burned out fast.  Sometimes, we get so overwhelmed just trying to figure out where to even start. 

All through January, I'll be sharing manageable steps to declutter, organize and get the house under control using the 5 R's rule:
  1. Refuse...what you don't need.
  2. Reduce...what you don't want.
  3. Reuse...what you have.
  4. Recycle...what you can't Refuse, Reduce or Reuse.
  5. Rot...or compost the rest.

I challenge you to join me in kickstarting 2018 with a fresher, more organized home.  Are you ready?

I'd love to hear your tips on brightening your home.  Share your journey with me on Instagram or comment below.  You've got this!

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