January 5, 2018


Plants make me happy.  I have plants in almost every room in the house.  A little excessive?  Probably, but there's a good reason for that.

Being one with nature is a Neolothic human instinct that has been passed down for generations.
Plants provide oxygen to us, and we reciprocate by giving plants carbon dioxide.  Our brains and central nervous systems are wired to be happy when we're surrounded in nature.  Many studies have shown that immersing ourselves in sunny, green environments is a total mood booster.  Fun Fact:  One research study showed that even interactions with outdoorsy photos can improve our psychological mood.  It's no wonder most people agree that tropical getaways are the perfect relaxation destination.

So, go ahead and treat yourself to a happier home with a floral bouquet or potted plant.

If taking care of a live plant is not your thing, try incorporating some faux greenery.  There are many realistic-looking artificial flowers these days.  These succulent stems are available on my Etsy store at Flowers Fauxever.

Artificial flowers available at Etsy Shop Flowers Fauxever

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