February 13, 2018


Throw pillows have always been a sore subject between my husband and me.  Anyone else out there have the same problem?  If I could have it my way, I'd load up on pillows everywhere.  With the switch of a different colors, sizes and texture, they complete the look of the sofa or bed.

My husband Kacey, on the other hand, doesn't get it.  He thought throw pillows mean that they're supposed to be thrown on the floor.  Really?  (Enter: Eye roll.)

Since Kacey's an amazing husband (babe, I hope you're reading this), he let me have all the throw pillows I want when we redid our family room recently.  We compromised with a rule of thumb to limit the number of throw pillows based on the number of people that can fit on our couch.  Based on my count on our l-shaped sectional, we can fit seven people.  So, seven pillows it is.

Let me ask you this:  How many pillows is too many pillows?

Here are my favorite pillow finds - all under $50.

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