February 8, 2018


We're checking off another decluttering goal for this year and it feels SO GOOD.  This made my week.  No, take that back.  It made my month.  

Ever since Jace was able to walk and climb last year, Kacey and I panicked seeing that our bulky entertainment center was going to be Jace's new jungle gym.  We moved the flanking bookshelves into Kacey's office for extra storage, and was going to get rid of the center unit.

Here's pretty much how we had set up our family room when we first moved in 2016, minus a wood and metal coffee table that wasn't baby-friendly.  We've swapped it out with a padded faux leather ottoman/ coffee table.

Secretly, I'd been wanting to get rid of most of our the dark furniture in the house so this was according to plan.  Or so I thought.  Kacey was adamant about trying to sell the unit on Craigslist or LetGo, while I was ready to donate it.

We moved the unit into our living room, mounted the TV on our family room wall, and placed all of our DVDs inside the coffee table/ottoman.  Jace was banned from playing in the living room, for fear that he'd running into its sharp corners.  There, it sat for 9 months while we received dozens of calls from false interested buyers.  Why do people say they're interested, schedule for a pickup and then not show up?! Grr... 

We've been focusing on the rest of the house before we work on our living room, so this eye sore/ huge dust collector became the unwelcoming focal point as you enter the house.

When Kacey finally waived the white flag on trying to sell it, I speed-dialed our local waste pickup service Recology to schedule for a bulky item pickup.  I was surprised to find out that not only were they willing to take the entertainment center for free but they'd be willing to take up to 12 bags of garbage in addition to our regular waste pickup!  Apparently, every household is allowed this amount every year.

This was the perfect opportunity to clear out the garage - our ultimate storage dumping ground.  Out went the broken mirror that IKEA shipped to us without any padding, some of Jace's outgrown toys, an empty computer monitor box + styrofoam, and a few other household items that was hogging up space.

Now, we can feel comfortable having our friends over and letting their kids run around safely.  And we no longer need to climb through an avalanche to get to the toilet paper stored in the garage.

Mission accomplished.

Are you thinking about doing a little early spring cleaning?  What are some things you can't wait to get rid of?

Here's the family room with the TV mounted on the wall:

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