February 14, 2018


Don't you hate it when you're watering your plants, forget that there are holes on the bottom of the pot, and realize there's now a giant pool of water trickling from underneath?  This not only dirties up the bottom of the planter, or chance ruining your hardwood floors with a pool of water, but it's also bad for the plant.  Having a plant sit in water will cause the roots to rot (aka your plants will die).

While replanting this snake plant, I had a small genius moment.

Instead of buying a new saucer, why not put to good use an existing household item that would've otherwise been collecting dust in your cabinets (i.e. a chipped plate, wide bowl or a large pie tin)?

I placed the snake plant in a plastic pot that came with holes on the bottom.  I added a plate to the bottom of the white planter.  Then, add the plant on top.  To finish off the look, I added some moss filler on top to cover the dirt.  This also helps hide the pot from peaking out of the planter.

This tip is especially helpful when your potted plants are nested in woven baskets where water will leak out of the bottom of the basket.

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