Growing up, I always tagged along to help with my family’s real estate business.  My dad was an award-winning general contractor, and my mom was a restaurateur who eventually quit to help my dad design, stage, and market to sell all of the luxury spec homes he built.  Starting at the young age of 5, I remember learning how to sweep the floors and seal tile grout.  Eventually, I was tasked with bigger projects like designing kitchen layouts, sourcing fixtures and being part of the negotiations as we bought & sold over 30 homes.  I grew to love designing homes and working in the real estate market so much that now, I am a commercial real estate manager by day & a homemaker/ DIY-er by night.  

Influenced by a minimalist living philosophy, I thrive on balance.  When things are thoughtfully organized, aesthetically beautiful, and functional, I can finally enjoy what's most important -- my family and friends.

What started this blog was my inspiration to bring minimalism home.  

Minimalism can be modern, luxurious and fun.  I hope that this blog can help inspire other folks to find happiness by being mindful of living simply.

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